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add more life to your life


Tag! You're it!

Ever get bored at the gym? Is working out not your thing?

Why not let 'play' be your answer?

For most games you need another person, so that actually checks a connect box.

A game will also stimulate your brain as well as your body. Hopefully you laugh along the way

You can try Hide and Seek, Tag, Duck Duck (Grey Duck\Goose) or rally up your neighbors or coworkers for some kickball?

Even something as simple as tossing a tennis ball for a few minutes will add fun and movement to your day.

Add more life to your life each day and PLAY.

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Daryl Edwards is a self proclaimed ‘fitness explorer’ and he’s got some really challenging and fun games. Check him out at Primal Play.



Live Action Role Play is an experience where you can enter a world of imagination and pursue various objectives. Find one near you at larping.org



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