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Take 5 and Do Nothing

Our first Rest challenge was simply to take a deep breath.

What do you do next? How about nothing at all?

Our minds can get quite busy. The amount of information we have to face each day is crazy.

More stimulation can lead to more stress and not the good kind.

An antidote may be mindfulness and meditation. Do not worry about what those things mean for this purpose.

What matters is just taking some moments out of each day to let the swirl just pass on by.

There are lots of meditation and mindfulness apps. An ongoing review of midnfulness apps is on the Insights blog.

Add more life to your life each day and AKE 5 AND DO NOTHING.

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Try a meditation challenge from a meditation app like Waking up or Headspace.


From the Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff:



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