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Take Five to Stretch

Watch a cat or dog wake up from a nap and the first thing it does is stretch.

Trying doing a stretch right now. Reach out your arms as far as they will go. Extend your fingertips. Things start to happen right?

Simple stretching can be done anywhere at anytime.

A little bit of movement requires blood flow and nerve stimulation. Muscles contract and require an increase of oxygen. Your internal engine begins to kick in gear.

Stretching can also be a reminder about the importance of movement. Recent studies are starting to show that sitting around (in traffic, at a desk, in front of a T.V) is worse than smoking!

Add more life to your life each day and TAKE FIVE TO STRETCH.

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If you already have a great stretching routine, a new way to think about this may be to experiment with alternate modes of stretching.
Stretching can also take on new dimensions when you add a friend.


Play with slime.



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