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Take a Walk

While other creatures fly, swim, crawl or hop, we stand on two feet and walk around.

Why are we adding something that we are already doing many times a day?

  1. We probably are not moving enough.
  2. A walk is more than just exercise.
    • It can be a chance to clear your head.
    • It gives you a chance to go outside.
    • You can do it with a friend and have a good chat.
  3. It is something that can be easily added to almost any event in your day.

Add more life to your life each day and TAKE A WALK.

To add this element to your preferred calendar, set a start time and click "Add More Life".

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Calendar Preference:

This event repeats daily and lasts 5 minutes.


Add a hike to your routine every week or every month. You can use an app like All Trails or Roots Rated to find places near you.


Where did the concept of 10,000 steps come from? Does this look like a man with cane walking?

Can you find that symbol in the ad below?

More details from the Atlantic.



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