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Take a Deep Breath

One of our first experiences with the world around us is our first breath.

Take a couple seconds to breathe. Right here. Right now...



Do it again if you want.

A deep breath can be refreshing. It can give you energy. It provides a moment to reset.

That is part of the purpose of the assignment this week. Not only do you get the added benefits of a bit more oxygen, you get a chance to set up your intention for the day. You are taking an action to add life, to begin to build health habits.

And it all starts with a breath.

Add more life to your life each day and TAKE A DEEP BREATH.

To add this element to your preferred calendar, set a start time and click "Add More Life".

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This event repeats daily and lasts for 5 minutes.


Take the 14 Day Breathing Challenge from Dr. Belissa Vranich.


A Youtube PLaylist of songs based on Breath or Breath. Some gems in there!



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